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With a user-oriented approach, combining relevance and value, Arbalest has and continues to develop a niche range of value-adding online and mobile services and solutions.
ledgeThe Ledge is a content-driven Android application backed by a dynamic publishing and broadcasting platform. It enables organisations to effectively deploy their very own media channels with sourced and original content created specifically to appeal to their customers or employees.
mibiMiBi is a customisable B2B2C e-commerce platform. It can be integrated with The Ledge and Complete 360 solutions.
initiatorLogoMobile Initiator is a platform for the production and management of various media and real-time database analysis of user trending interaction. Surveys and results can be incorporated into The Ledge.
360-logo-solutionsComplete 360 is a comprehensively featured platform for managing the end-to-end operation of virtual or licence based product and/or content distribution