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Virtual distribution

Complete 360 is a comprehensively featured management platform for integrating, deploying, bundling, billing, monitoring and supporting a host of virtual and/or licence based products and/or services.

norton Complete 360 enables Arbalest to deliver Norton security software solutions to a wide range of customers in various formats and is fully integrated with Symantec’s online software delivery.

Arbalest is proud to be the premier Symantec selected go-to-market partner for Norton products in Africa and the Middle East.

The platform’s rapid deployment provides partners, be they service providers, corporates, ICT resellers or retailers, with instant access to a variety of value-adding offerings. Furthermore, its flexibility enables partners to create and manage or, through Arbalest’s service, co-manage their own user bases, in effect administering their own portals, while benefitting from the technical, commercial and support structures already in place to make such an initiative a going concern from the outset.

  • Create your branded company portal in minutes
  • Create users and set their administrative rights
  • Access a variety of integrated products and services
  • Bundle products and services to meet your requirements
  • Deploy products and services to customers seamlessly
  • Audit your billing and administrative functions
  • Support and maintain user bases
  • Set up and manage downstream affiliate resellers