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Arbalest is a provider of choice when it comes to delivering a fully integrated value offering. With expertise in device distribution and solutions development, we ensure that our customers benefit from offerings designed to meet their particular needs.

Arbalest has grown to become a full-service distribution provider. Our turnkey offering includes import and export, local outbound and reverse logistics, pre-sales device customisation and post-sales technical support, marketing, and related training on all our products and services.

Arbalest Hardware
With a user-oriented approach, combining relevance and value, Arbalest has and continues to develop a niche range of value-adding online and mobile services and solutions.
Arbalest Solutions
We're Focused

We identify and pursue clearly defined targets, ensuring we match the right product and solution to a particular need.

We're Innovative

We sharpen our competitive edge and contribute meaningfully to our partners’ goals and success.

We're Involved

As the saying goes, each of us at Arbalest carries water, taking responsibility for what we commit ourselves to achieving.

We're Ready

We’re ready to take your call and see how we can bring value to your business and to your customers.


Our devices offer excellent value for money. Whether price-beating or industry-defining, each range offers impeccable quality for total customer satisfaction.


We provide training on all our devices, highlighting what sets each of them apart, enabling our partners to trade with confidence.


We take a hands-on approach to marketing our products, ensuring that our customers benefit from an accurately targeted solution.


We accompany our partners throughout the product lifecycle, from initial device selection and fulfilment through to after-sales technical support.

Our Brands


Our developers have the experience to build our solutions from the ground up and integrate them wherever and however needed.

We have integrated directly with international vendors and large IT distributors, providing services in South Africa and abroad.


We adapt our solutions to changing technologies, ensuring that our partners and customers enjoy the benefits of a seamless experience.

In many instances we have adapted to local requirements, providing unique ways of overcoming specific challenges.


We’re only a click away from providing support for our enterprise partners as well as their end-customers.

We also provide our partners with support training, equipping their staff to address customers’ enquiries swiftly and professionally.

Quality and Service

We take pride in our customer-centric quality systems and service-led design methodologies. You can be assured of our attention to detail and quality at all times.

This approach has enabled us to benefit our partners with certain customizable features that in turn enhance their value to their end customers.

Our Solutions

The Brands and Products we Represent

Our Partners and Customers

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